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April 22, 2020

10 Quick Steps To Take Before Taking-Off on Vacation

If you are like many others, you are dreaming of the next time you can travel for vacation or even work. It will be easy to quickly take off once we get the all-clear, but here is a quick list of things to do before you fly away.

Get a Home Monitoring System

A Ring or Nest camera, or a fully monitored system from SimpliSafe, the options here are endless. If you go for the self-monitoring tools, some include the ability to see live video and talk through the device. In a home invasion or burglary, time counts. Choose the best system to match your needs and budget.

Prevent Water Damage

Flo by Moen has several devices that can alert you to a water problem in your home. From sensors you can place by a dishwasher or refrigerator, to the Flo Shut Off Valve that will save your home from a burst pipe or even a constant drip. The average cost of a water damage claim is upwards of $20,000, not to mention the headaches that come with repair and replacement of your valuables. Mutual Assurance is currently offering the Flo Shut Off device at a steeply reduce cost to members – we believe in it that much.

Put a Hold On or Cancel Mail and Newspaper Deliveries

This seems like a no-brainer, but so many forget to do it. A full mailbox and stacked-up newspapers in your driveway are an “open house” invitation to thieves.

Watch Your Social Media

We all know not to advertise where we are going on vacation, or even post pics while on vacation. Make sure your kids understand this as well. Another item to watch is whether your address or phone number is listed with any of your profiles. You don’t want people trying to drop by or call you when you are unavailable.

Take Extra Care With Your Valuables

If you have your grandmother’s ring or your father’s pocket watch, you should either put them in a safety deposit box or lock them in a home safe. Any item that would break your heart if it was lost or stolen should be given special consideration when you are not around to keep them safe.

Hide-A-Keys Just Don’t Fool Thieves Anymore

Potential thieves will look for your hidden key first and will probably find it. You may think your hiding spot is foolproof, but experienced thieves know all of the tricks. Instead, leave a key with a trusted neighbor that you can call should someone you approve need access to your home. Ask your neighbor to keep an eye out for any package deliveries as well. It may save your home from being burglarized and your package from being stolen. Bring them a souvenir from your trip as thanks.

Let There Be Light

With so many smart switches and lightbulbs on the market today, this is an easy to do safety measure. Set lights in different rooms for varying times of day and place motion sensor lights outside. Thieves will think twice about robbing your home because they like to go for the easy targets. Making them second-guess themselves will keep them away.

Disconnect Your Garage Door

Thieves have gotten very high tech and carry universal remotes with them that can often open many garage doors. If you disconnect your garage door while on vacation, you’ve eliminated one access point to your home as an option.

Put Up Security Stickers

You can purchase security stickers that tell all visitors that your home is monitored, even if it isn’t. Put these on windows and doors to drive away thieves.

Keep on Your Home Maintenance Schedule

If you have a yard or pool service that comes every week, keep ‘em coming. A potential thief will think twice if it looks like you may be there because your schedule is consistent.

Use this list every time you go on a trip and you’ll greatly reduce your chances of a break-in.