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January 2, 2020

2020 Resolution #4 – Protect My Personal Data

A privacy assistant named Jumbo can clean up your social profiles and become a powerful ally in the fight against identity theft.

No one knows all of the shady privacy policies tech giants deploy to keep you in their ad and information targeting. A new app, Jumbo, can save you hours of trying to configure strong privacy settings on your own and give you more control over where and when your data is used.

Deleting old tweets and Tinder conversations may not matter to you as much as it would to others, but Jumbo can erase your Google Search and Amazon Alexa histories, with clean up for Instagram in the works too.

How Jumbo works

When you download and open Jumbo, it addresses your Facebook account first. You enter your username and password to open Facebook and the app takes you through various categories to let you know where you are vulnerable and whether or not you want to make a setting change.

When I ran the program on my Facebook account, I didn’t realize that all of my personal information, like email, address, and phone number, were available to friends of friends – who are not always people I know. That has now changed.

Facebook also keeps track of searches and uses your location, job title, interests, and more to target ads to you. The platform even uses your relationship status to target ads, so if you are married you’ll see couples retreat or divorce lawyer ads. If you are single, you may see more or Tinder ads.

It also changed my settings (you have the option to accept or decline any changes) so my friends could not see my other friends, no one can now use other’s videos or pictures to track me, only friends can post on my timeline, and more.

All in all, Jumbo goes through over 40 privacy setting options on Facebook and alerts you to the ones that you may want to change. Once finished, the app turns to Google/Chrome.

After entering my Gmail and login, the app went to town on my history. It cleared over 100 Chrome history pages, identified three dark web breaches on logins using this email address, deleted 59 Google searches, and 73 Google map activities.

This may not sound like a lot, but I thought my settings had all of this covered.

If you are a prolific tweeter, Jumbo can help you set parameters to remove old/outdated tweets by the week, month (recommended), three months or more. Before deleting the tweets, it archives them to a Memories tab on the app. Soon there will be a way to export the tweets to Dropbox and iCloud soon, which will work retroactively to download your tweets.

For Alexa, Jumbo deletes the voice recordings stored by Amazon. So now, if you think Alexa may have overheard an outburst you’d rather no one know about, you can feel safe that the recording (if there ever was one) is lost to cyberspace. Jumbo will also prevent any future recordings from being available to Amazon employees.

According to Jumbo developer Pierre Vlad, Jumbo never sees any of your data. The app doesn’t have a server-side component that processes data in the cloud. Instead, the data is processed locally on your phone or tablet.

No other app on the market is currently designed to be a full-fledged privacy assistant like Jumbo is. With it, we can all take back control of our privacy defaults from companies that earn money at our expense when we aren’t protected.