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April 6, 2020

A Robot Watch Dog

Riley Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Robot

Perfect for apartments, condos, and homes, this innovative security device can keep your place protected while you are away. You have heard of a robo-vacuum, now w there is the Riley Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Robot.Riley Home Security Robot

This friendly looking robot is actually a sophisticated security device that acts as a watchdog throughout your home. It is able to maneuver over any type of surface, from tile to hardwood, carpet to grass. Its 5-megapixel camera is able to transmit live HD video and audio directly to your smartphone and contains a microphone you can use as an intercom.

Another bonus of this device is its ability to detect movement and instantly ping your phone to let you know what is happening. It is also equipped with night vision, so Riley can monitor your home day or night.

Other features include:
Wi-Fi enabled remote control
Self Docking for Charging
HD Quality video
Two-way audio
Silent Operation
Low sound detection
User Friendly
Available here on Amazon, or through other specialty retailers: $144.95

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