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May 19, 2020

Adjusting To A New Norm

“It Is only by building a sense of teamwork and community that we can overcome the unexpected detours and hurdles we encounter on our own journeys, and gain the satisfaction that ought to derive from such achievements. Those organizations – be they businesses, schools, colleges and universities, government agencies – that prepare themselves for the unexpected and help to build a sense of community will, in my opinion, become the leaders in the twenty-first century. The same is true for each of us as individuals.”

Neal F. Lane, former science advisor to President Clinton, taken from a commencement speech at Michigan State, 1995

Long before “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” became a part of our daily vernacular, Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia put in place the technology, focus, and teamwork necessary to navigate a crisis, such as the one we are facing today. While unprecedented in scope and impact, our company is relieved to see our careful planning pay off to the benefit of the Society as a whole.

It is not business as usual, for all but our non-essential staff are working from home and will continue to do so through June 15th, at which time we will take carefully measured steps to reopen our offices to staff and, at a later date, our members. We are all experiencing feelings of isolation and cabin-fever from time to time. Still, we are confident we are doing our part to flatten the curve while continuing to serve our customers with the same top-drawer level of service they have come to expect.

At present, all essential staff entering our building is checked for fever, required to wear a mask when not in his or her own office, and provided with hand sanitizer and Lysol spray, which are used often. Our building is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a week, and high-touch zones sanitized daily.

Virginians across the Commonwealth are developing a greater sense of community as we do our part to prevent the spread of this terrible virus. We look forward to the day that we can return to our offices, as we know you all look forward to the return of normalcy in your lives. In the interim, Mutual Assurance is fully operational and here to help when you need us.