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February 22, 2021

Amazon’s New Build It Program

Vector image of facbory with Amazon Build It sign and Amazon delivery truck in front

If you have an Amazon account, and let’s face it – who doesn’t, you may also have an Echo to control smart devices in your home. Amazon has started a new program designed to help you get the next great smart device based on your needs.

With its Build It program, you can weigh in on which devices you want by pre-ordering it. If enough purchase a concept, Amazon will produce the device and ship it out.

How It Works

Amazon will periodically send out concept ideas, and buyers can pre-order an item. If an item meets its goal within a specific timeframe, Amazon will build it. Orders will not be charged until the item ships. The initial offering price is significantly lower than what Amazon will sell it for later, so the incentive is there to help develop a new and useful smart device while spending less.

 First Smart Device Being Made

Post-It Printer from Amazon with sample note and edge of keyboard

In the category of “Where has this been all of my life?” a clever Post-It note printer is the first item to meet the pre-order requirements for production. Using your Echo device, you can tell Alexa to create lists or print notes with reminders for friends, family, or co-workers. The printer is thermographic, so it does not require ink. Just think of all the ways you can use this handy device and the time you’ll save searching for a pen and paper.

If you use your smartphone for everything from list-making to note-taking, there are still some times when a Post-it note may work better. Maybe a note will have greater gravitas, or you need to leave a note for someone whose number you don’t have for texting, and the pre-buyers likely have dozens of other reasons, which is why this device is being made.

To learn more about Amazon’s Build It program and the devices currently available for pre-purchase, click here.

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