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March 5, 2020

Large Asteroid Will Fly By Earth Next Month – Would You Be Covered If It Hit?

According to NASA, an estimated 2.5-mile wide asteroid will fly by Earth this year. It will pass within 4-million miles of Earth, moving at 19,461 mph. It is not expected to collide with our bright blue planet, but if it did, the devastation would be global.

Earth from Outerspace with Asteroid

NASA has a list of potential future Earth impact events monitored by the Sentry System, an observatory located in the mountains of Chile. It continually scans a catalog of known asteroids for the possibility of future impact with Earth over the next 100 years. A Torino impact scale determines the likelihood of an asteroid event and ranks it. Only one asteroid on the list has a rating of over zero at this point. It has a rating of 1 and isn’t entering our area until 2074.

Would your home be covered if an asteroid or meteor struck?

Most likely, yes, but every policy has unique provisions, so you need to check yours to make sure!

With Mutual Assurance, there are no exclusions for falling objects for your dwelling. In your personal property list, “falling objects” is a listed peril for which you are covered. There are also no exclusions for an asteroid strike that isn’t a direct hit on your home but still causes damage. What does your own policy say?

Given all of that, the likelihood of an asteroid strike in your lifetime is, well, not a likelihood at all. So you can sleep well at night.