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August 4, 2020

Don’t Forget Maintenance on This Important Part of Your Home

Inspecting and improving an often neglected yet important part of our home will be more comfortable in the cooler Autumn months ahead. It’s that sometimes creepy or fantastical space over our heads – the attic.

While not a usual home maintenance consideration, the attic is a critical component to the integrity of your home and requires regular maintenance. The two most important areas of concern are ventilation and insulation.

Attic Insulation with Skylight


Regulating the heat and moisture in your home isn’t just the job of your HVAC system. The attic plays a vital role in helping minimize mold and dry rot. Without proper ventilation, roof replacement costs can double due to brittle and damaged wood sheathing under your shingles.

FixesRoof vents placed across asphalt home roof line

Make sure kitchen and bathroom fans vent to the outside and not into the attic.

Install a ventilation fan in your attic to draw cooler air from the outside and hot air from the inside during summer months.

Make sure you have enough vents in your attic. You should install one vent for every 150 square feet of attic space, distributed evenly between the soffit and roof vents. A professional roofer or home inspector can check to see if your home has proper ventilation.


The right amount of insulation can not only reduce your energy bill but help prevent mold and limit noise transfer. One of the easiest ways to check the effectiveness of your attic insulation is to look at your roof after a snowfall.

If your home’s roof is clear while your neighbors’ roofs still have snow on them, you probably don’t have enough insulation. Uneven patches of melting on the roof (assuming you don’t have shade trees) is another sign that you may need to improve your insulation.

Allowing the roof on your home to be warmer than the outside air will allow the creation of ice dams which can allow water into your rafters and down your interior walls.


Consult your local building code to find the insulation rating required for each area of your home. The proper insulation is not only the type but its proper installation as well. A professional roofer or home inspector can provide the right advice here as well.

Making sure your attic is in top shape can save you thousands in repairs and energy costs, money you can use in other important areas of your home.