Category: Home Protection

October 23, 2020

  If you Google “Fall Home Maintenance,” you will find hundreds of articles outlining the basic steps you should take to prepare your home for the cold weather to come. Things like cleaning your gutters, blowing out your irrigation system, …
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October 15, 2020

While Virginia is not facing the catastrophic wildfires that are overwhelming western states, brushfires, fires at other homes or nearby properties, and even fire pit blazes too close to your HVAC system can cause significant damage. Chances are if you …
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September 2, 2020

What is it? Do I need it? Do I have it with my Mutual Assurance Society Policy? What is it? Ordinance and law coverage provides financial assistance if a home must be brought up to state or municipal codes. This …
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August 24, 2020

  The Flo by Moen device that many of our members have already installed in their homes has proven itself time and again as an invaluable tool in protecting homes from water damage. One member has reported coming home from …
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August 19, 2020

Earthquakes are rare in Virginia, but they can have devastating results. Here are some simple steps you can take to help protect your home should a tremblor hit your community. Inside Your House Fit gas appliances with flexible connections and/or …
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August 7, 2020

If you are considering a renovation of your home, no matter how large or how small, follow these tips for keeping your home safe. Notify your home insurance provider before you start the renovation to make sure your policy will …
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August 4, 2020

Inspecting and improving an often neglected yet important part of our home will be more comfortable in the cooler Autumn months ahead. It’s that sometimes creepy or fantastical space over our heads – the attic. While not a usual home …
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August 2, 2020

Hurricane season usually lasts from June 1st to the end of November. In recent years, however, some storms have formed in May and made their way to the Continental United States. Regardless of the time of year, it is always …
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July 21, 2020

August is National Water Quality Month. While normally this would be the time to look at the report your local utility provides each year summarizing your overall water quality, we thought it would be a good time to talk about …
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