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November 26, 2019

A Comprehensive Checklist for Holiday Home Protection

Checklist for holiday home protection

Whether you are staying home this holiday season or traveling to see friends and family, here is a comprehensive checklist for keeping your home safe.

Staying Home for the Holidays:

Make sure your gifts are not visible from outside.
◻ Don’t post about gifts or party/shopping plans on social media.
◻ Carefully dispose of gift packaging so no product information is visible.
◻ Don’t plug in outside lights through a door or window leaving burglars an easy into your home.
◻ Make sure your home is well lit, both outside and in.
◻ Put radios, lights and your TV on timers at varying intervals when you plan to be out for a while.
◻ Be wary of solicitors (who may be casing your home) or surveyors (looking for personal information or your schedule habits).
◻ Make sure all windows, doors and garage doors are locked against intruders at all times.
◻ Let a trusted neighbor know if you plan to be out for a while and ask if he can keep an eye on your home.
◻ Collect any newspapers, flyers or mail daily.
◻ Park a car in your driveway or ask a neighbor to park in your driveway.
◻ Make sure any trees or shrubbery don’t conceal a window or door from view.

Off to Grandmother’s House We Go

◻ Make sure your trusted neighbors know you’ll be away.
◻ Ask a neighbor to move your trash cans to the street on the appropriate day and put them away afterward.
◻ Leave a key with a family member or friend, along with your contact information.
◻ If you have an alarm system, set up a temporary safe word with your monitor provider and give this to your key holder.
◻ Put a hold on newspaper and mail delivery.
◻ Ask a neighbor to check for flyers or deliveries.
◻ Make sure all doors, windows and garage doors are securely locked.
◻ Leave a car in the driveway or ask a neighbor to park there while you are gone.
◻ Put lights and a radio or TV on timers to trick intruders into thinking someone is home.
◻ Leave your drapes and shades as you normally would during the day.
◻ Move any spare keys that you have outside of your home to a safe location indoors.
◻ Turn off and unplug any electrical devices you aren’t using on timers.
◻ Turn off water to your washing machine, dishwasher and ice machine.
◻ Turn off the water main if concerned about freezing pipes.
◻ Move your valuables to a safety deposit box or safe.
◻ Make sure your home monitored home security service has your correct contact information.

Let us know if you do anything that’s not on this list so we can add it in. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!