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March 6, 2020

Chimney Inspections Urged by Fire Department

Fire departments across the U.S. are urging homeowners with double or triple wall chimneys to have special cleaning that involves “completely dismantling the chimney and firebox.”  A simple cleaning and visual inspection are not enough.


The issue lies in the construction of the walls. The systems were designed to allow airflow between the walls to cool the gasses and air flowing through the main flue. Over the years, debris such as leaves, bird nesting, insulation, and simple dust build-up, causing the heat to become more intense and trapped. This leads to chimney fires.

If a homeowner has this type of system and has switched to gas logs, they are not out of the woods. The same heat build-up and resulting fire can occur.

Homeowners are advised to seek out licensed, qualified, and insured chimney contractors to perform this specific cleaning and the installation afterward of adequate screening around the chimney cap.