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August 7, 2020

How To Declutter Your House For Sale

Virginia Realtors recently reported a 30% increase over May figures in home listings for June, with a similar month-over-month increase expected for July. The easing of at-home restrictions, a growing acceptance of social distancing, greater comfort in using virtual tools, and a decrease in the 30-year fixed mortgage rate have provided incentives for home sales and purchases.

Strong home buyer demand has also created a steady rise in Virginia’s median sales price. With buyers returning to the market, there are not enough homes available for sale, resulting in sellers often getting above asking price in many local markets.

Box of Clutter with lamp, keyboard, vintage clock, lamp and moreIf you are considering putting your home on the market, here are some tips for decluttering – a key step in improving your home’s appeal.

Start with What You Can See

Removing items from your common areas helps a great deal in getting your mindset into the elimination process. Entering a room with clean surfaces will inspire you to want to recreate that serenity in other places.

Tackling what you can see is also an easier first step and may not feel as overwhelming as, say, a closet might feel.

Go area by area

Don’t try to do the entire house at one time. Pick a smaller area like a linen closet, bathroom cabinet, or utility closet. Starting with spaces that probably don’t hold a great number of sentimental items is also helpful. Deciding between frayed towels and family mementos is far less stressful.

Ask a friend for help

Sometimes it is very hard to part with clothes or items that hold memories but may also be dated or out of style. A friend can be more objective about your style and help you let go of items you may have been hesitant to part with.

Put donations in your car right away

Once you have filled a bag or box with items, get it out of the house. Put it in your car and then if you pass a donation site, you can drop it off easily. Getting it out of sight will also give you more space which has a psychologically lifting effect.

Use large opaque bags

If you are tossing items, not being able to see them in a bag or box is a great help in preventing you from wanting to go back through it “re-think” things.

Organize each decluttered room according to what a buyer would want

Family pictures, collectibles, and your grandmother’s crocheted doilies may have significant meaning to you, but they can put off potential buyers. Pack up these items up to take with you to your new home and leave your surfaces clear of personal and too many items. has a list of 101 things that can be reduced in your home that can help you go category by category in your process. Breaking it up into small pieces this way is more productive and less stressful. You can find it here.