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December 2, 2019

12 Great Condo | Apartment | Dorm Room DIY Home Security Gifts

If you have a loved one who has moved into an apartment, condo or dorm room and are concerned about their safety, here are some great home security gift ideas that will stymie even the savviest of unwanted intruders.

Smart Light Switch

Installing a smart light switch is a great way to reap the benefits of connected lighting without having to worry about buying individual smart light bulbs in all of the different sizes you could need. Burglars and intruders are reluctant to target a home that looks like someone is there. Smart Switches come with a variety of options like dimming, pattern recognition, & scheduling. Watch this video for more options and suggestions for finding the right tool.



Laser TripwireDIY laser home security

Museums use lasers to help protect valuable displays. Now anyone can have the same level of protection for any room in the home. All use a laser tripwire to alert you of an intruder, and some can take snapshots. A piercing alarm sounds when triggered, startling and confusing a thief who will flee. Find just the right tripwire for your needs here.





Fake TV Light BoxDIY home security fake tv light box

Like many of the devices on this list, this gadget aims to stop thieves from even trying to enter your home. A TV that’s turned on is a sure sign that someone is home, but if you don’t want to suffer the hit to your energy bill or don’t own a TV, a fake TV lightbox will do the trick.

Set this box to a time and moving lights will mimic an active TV set. Of course, this just simulates TV lights, so if a burglar gets close enough to listen and doesn’t hear the sound he’ll know something is up. In that case, a radio set to a talk station should do the trick.



Doorstep Wedge Alarm DIY home security door stop alarm gift idea

A favorite home security gift idea that is perfect for anyone who travels too. The portable door-stop alarm can help keep you safe wherever you are – at home, staying in a hotel or Airbnb, or any place you may feel you need an added bit of safety. Simply wedge the pressure activated device under an access door at night, and if anyone tries to open the door a piercing 125 decibel alarm will sound.




Ring Peephole Camera  

DIY Home Security Gift Idea Ring Peephole Camera

There are dozens of smart home kits available that renters, students or condo owners would love to install but may be banned from doing so.

Ring has solved this dilemma with the Peephole Cam. Designed to fit around an existing peephole, it delivers all the features expected from a smart doorbell, but with little physical impact to the property. It slots through the door instead of sitting next to it.

An integrated 1080p high definition camera with two-way talk lets you see and chat with visitors from the comfort of your smartphone, wherever you are. Special features allow for fine-tuning sensitivity to reduce false alarms or protect neighbors’ privacy.



Addalock DIY Home Security Adalock Door lock

The Addalock adds a second lock to your doorknob to block unwanted intruders from getting in. It takes seconds to install, and it won’t leave any holes or marks, so it’s a great security device for renters.  Better yet, it’s under $10 and easily transportable for frequent travelers. Here’s a video that further explains how this easy to use device works.




GE Door/Window Alarms

DIY Home Security Window Alarm

These are simple DIY alarms that are easily installed. Just mount the sensor and the magnet and then select between “Alarm,” “Chime,” and “Off.” The sensors’ shrieking, 120-dB alarms will surprise any would-be intruders.

If you want to be alerted to an alarm trigger, here’s a post that outlines more options like SimpliSafe’s self-monitoring package or Ring’s Enhanced Protection kits.





Artscape Etched Glass Window Film

DIY Home Security Window Privacy Film

If you live on a ground floor apartment or in a building with another right across the street, you shouldn’t have to keep the blinds closed and block out the light to protect your privacy. Artscape Etched Glass Window Films use stylish frosted and etched glass designs to allow light in while completely obscuring the view from outside.





Fake Security Camera DIY Home Security Fake Security Camera

When it comes to security, not all technology is immediately affordable. A realistic decoy security camera is an excellent and cost-effective crime deterrent. Battery-operated LED lights give the illusion of night vision and you can get four for $20. This is a great, inexpensive home security gift idea for anyone on your list.




SentrySafe Compact Safe DIY Home Security Small Compact Safe

If you keep a stash of cash or other high-end valuables around your apartment (or simply don’t trust everyone that is invited in – like repairmen, landlords, exterminators), it may worth be investing in a small lock box to keep your belongings protected. Items like SentrySafe come with a programmable combination lock, as well as a tethering cable so someone would be hard-pressed to be able to run off with it.


Axis Gear DIY Home Security Blinds Motor

Gear is not a motorized blinds package, but more like an asset that helps you turn your classic blinds into smart ones making them fully motorized and automated smart shades. It will turn on when you set it up and will turn your blinds down at sunset.

Axis Gear also works with your smartphone allowing you to set-up a schedule or to control them using a remote control.


With any or all of these devices, you can rest peacefully knowing your loved ones are protected.