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Hurricane Matthew is the largest storm to threaten the East Coast of the United States in over ten years.   As of 8:00 on 10/4 Matthew had sustained winds in excess of 140 MPH.   The early projected tracks for this storm have it skirting the South East Coast bringing high winds, heavy rains and storm surge from Florida through Virginia.

Many of you have not been through the recovery of a large scale claim event here at Mutual.   If Matthew stays on track, this could be a very large event for us, and we all need to be prepared – prepared here at work and prepared at home.

We will be instituting a New Business moratorium beginning Friday morning.   It will likely be in place for several weeks.  Doing so will allow us to focus on helping the claims staff.   We should all be prepared to answer phone calls, meet with policyholders and to, overall, support the claims team.    We should also be prepared to work extra hours.   Our policyholders will be counting on us to handle their claims efficiently during what will be a difficult time.

The IT team is making preparations to assist with the reporting of claims, and we will discuss these plans at our meeting on Thursday.   Ron is getting the building ready.

You will also want to prepare at home.   Your safety and the safety of your families is important to Mutual.   Please think about making the following preparations to make life easier after the storm.

  1. Bring any outdoor pets indoors
  2. Fuel your vehicles – Fuel may become scarce following the storm
  3. Purchase bottled water for drinking and bagged Ice for keeping food cold
  4. Purchase batteries for flashlights and lanterns
  5. Charge all cell phones and external batteries
  6. Fill your bathtubs with water for use such as flushing toilets
  7. Secure or remove any outdoor furniture such as deck chairs and umbrellas
  8. Write down key telephone numbers you may need, including your insurance company’s loss reporting number and your power company’s outage reporting number

Should you have storm damage at your home, please make temporary repairs your 1st priority.

Storms such as Matthew present Mutual Assurance with an opportunity to show our members what a great operation we have.   This is why we exist – to take care of our members following a loss.  It is our time to shine.

Thank you for being part of the team,