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December 8, 2020

Great Home Gift Ideas

Whether you have someone on your gift list who has been in the same house for years and years or is a recent buyer, these helpful items will put you on the “best gift giver ever” list.

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Faucet T-Handle AttachmentGreen handled t-shaped attachement for outdoor faucets

Outdoor faucet handles can be painfully hard to turn. This neat attachment goes  over your standard outdoor faucet and provides leverage with its big, grippable surface. Now you can make sure you’ve completely turned off your facet. $7.95




Bacon Bin Silicone Grease Container

If you read our Facebook posts on the worst things homeowners can do to their houses, you’ll remember that pouring grease down the pipes is a big no-no. This cute, small silicone container can store your grease either on your counter, in the fridge, or even the freezer. $15.00




Temporary Water Leak Stopper ToolLeak.Stop.Device

If you have already purchased the Flo Device we have been offering for only the cost of installation, you won’t need this handy device. If you have friends or family in a home without a Flo Device, this gadget can stop a leak in less than 40 seconds and prevent further damage until repairs can be made.  $34.95




Rechargeable Motion Sensor LightsRechargeable.Motion.Sensor.Lights

For anyone who needs an extra light somewhere but doesn’t have to worry about an outlet or batteries. Perfect for closets, under kitchen cabinets, on stairs, or in the bathroom. So many uses.




Anti-Slip Shoe Traction LiquidBottle of shoe traction liquid placed in front of woman's brown ankle boot

Apply this liquid to the soles of your shoes and once dried there will be thousands of tiny gripping spikes that will help prevent falls from slipping.





Ruggie Alarm ClockRuggie.Alarm.Pad

For that person that always hits the snooze button one too many times, this alarm clock rug can only be shut off by standing on it for several seconds, making it impossible to stay in bed. Rushing leads to more accidents, so help someone you know rise-and-shine safely and effectively! $94.99




Prop and Stop for Front Load Washing MachinesBlue plastic device resting between front load dishwasher door and machine body to keep it open

Now you can stop those unpleasant odors that can develop when a still wet front load washing machine door stays closed. This device uses magnets to keep your door from swinging open or shut so the barrel inside can dry and your finish won’t get marred. $16.50





Pop-Out Wall Outletpop out wall outlet with plug inserted

This is a sleek and safety-minded design. When not in use, it can be pushed in to lie flat again the wall so tiny fingers cannot insert metal objects into the prongs. It comes with a plate or without in three colors. Great for keeping children and grandchildren safe. $46.00




Deep Sea Sand ArtRound sand art on stand resting on top of a table

A beautiful but helpful tabletop sand art display that will help work-at-home computer users. Set it up on a table 8-10 feet away from your desk and use it as a recommended distance focal point for helping to reduce eye strain. Move the circle to see the sand fall into new shapes and patterns and look at it once an hour to help keep eye pain at bay. $95.00



And Just For Fun


Newton’s Cradle Fridge MagnetA Newton's Cradle on a magnet for the fridge

Remember playing with these when you were younger? Now you can attach one to your fridge and have some fun while you cook. $16.99




2021 Bubble Wrap CalendarFinger getting ready to pop bubble wrap button with 15 marked for date

For anyone who loves popping bubble wrap, this calendar lets you pop a bubble a day. It comes with special stickers to mark holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions. 48″ tall, it is sure to put a smile on someone’s face. $24.99