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March 9, 2020

Home Generator Safety Series – Part 3

How to Safely Feed Your Generator

We have covered electrical and placement issues for safely operating your generator. Now we’ll look at how you should “feed” your generator safely so fire is taken out of the equation.Person adding fuel to generator

Refuel With Caution

  1.  Make sure your fuel is the correct type for your generator. Whether diesel or regular gas, make sure you have the correct kind.
  2. Store the fuel in an approved safety container in a well-ventilated area. A plastic container with a spout is best as it eliminates the risk of a spark.
  3. Be sure to turn the generator off and let it cool before refueling. Fuel spilled on hot engine parts can ignite.
  4. Clean up any gas or oil spills before starting the generator. Make sure any cloths or rags used are carefully disposed of, not with paper or other flammable materials, and not inside or near the house or generator.
  5. Keep your fuel container away from the operating generator.
  6. Have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket on hand.

A generator can be a lifesaver when a storm or disaster strikes. Taking the time and the correct steps to make sure you are safely operating this powerful machine is essential to maximizing its performance and protecting your home, your family, and yourself.

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