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January 16, 2020

How to Humanely Get a Squirrel Out of Your House


Happy National Squirrel Day!

January 21st

Squirrels are fun to watch, Squirell Art from Pixabayespecially when they are acting squirrely. What is that chasing each other all over the place about? They are not so fun to see if one has gotten into your house and is wreaking havoc on your lamps, furniture, and favorite breakable items.

If you find yourself in this predicament, here are some humane and simple ways of getting “Nutsy” out of your home.

Let him find his own way out

Put your pets up, close off the room where the squirrel is, open any outside access points (windows and doors), then leave, closing the door behind you. The squirrel will find its way out.


There is a humane trap called Have-a-Heart which will trap the squirrel so you can let it go outside. Just set the trap, put a peanut butter cracker in the opening, and wait until Nutsy springs it.


Not a game, just a simple way of getting Nutsy out. Slowly approach the squirrel with a blanket in hand, then quickly drop it onto Nutsy and gently roll it up. Carry the blanket outside, closing the door behind you, open it onto the ground away from you, and let him run.

Attic Relief

If you hear the scampering of tiny feet over your head and suspect a squirrel is up there, they don’t want bright lights and noise, so have some fun and yell, stomp, bang pans, turn on some music and dance. Play a radio day and night (as long as it won’t drive you crazy) and Nutsy will soon look for another condo. If the commotion doesn’t work, try soaking some rags in vinegar and putting them with mothballs in the attic. Nutsy will go.

Keep Nutsy and Friends Away

Once your squirrel boarder has left, look for how it got in and close the entry point off. Look at your chimney top and make sure wire mesh is in place. Check your foundation for holes (those air vents for crawl spaces are easy access). And, check around pipes for gaps. Mice, for example, are known for being able to get through a slot not much wider than a grape.