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January 16, 2020

Science-Supported Ways to Invest in Yourself

Benevolence is not just a word with us. It is our mission. Oxford Dictionary defines benevolence as “the quality of well being,” while Webster’s headlines it as “a disposition to do good.”

As Members of Mutual Assurance Society, we are invested in each other’s well being. Investment, however, isn’t just a monetary action; it is any action that requires time, energy, effort.

At the heart of our partnership is our investment in your well being, with your home as just one focal point. As the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life.” To us, a happy homeowner translates into a happy, well cared for, and safe home — an ideal partner.

With your “quality of well being” in mind, we have found 22, science-backed ways you can invest in yourself that we hope will help you now and in the future. You are our “perpetual” partner, and we want that to be a long, long relationship.

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