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October 26, 2020

Let’s Share The Good News of Mutual Assurance Society

Overview photo of wood desk with coffee cup, pencil, and sticky note pad that says "Call John and Sarah about Mutual Assurance"

As 2020 winds down, many of us are sighing with relief that this tumultuous year will soon be behind us. Some of us are taking a harder look at our long-range financial plans, and many more are re-evaluating our lives and what we can do to simplify and enjoy them more.

2020 has been a year for the record books: a record number of hurricanes and tropical storms in the Gulf, record wildfire damage on the west coast, and of course, the worldwide pandemic. We have seen members refinance their mortgages and move into smaller homes or relocate to new communities and cities across The Commonwealth. We have also seen many lose their jobs or incomes and struggle to keep up with their expenses.

We are living in (yes, we’ll say it) unprecedented times.

One startling statistic we recently learned has clarified for us the pandemic’s impact on homeowners and renters. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Research Institute for Housing America, more than 6 million Americans failed to make their mortgage or rent in September alone. If Virginia is only 1% of that figure, that’s 60,000 neighbors.

Mutual Assurance Society’s charter states that we operate as a benevolent society for our policyholders’ benefit. Our perpetual policies, unmatched long-term savings, and compassionate approach are needed by many Virginians now more than ever.

Traditionally, word-of-mouth has sufficed in maintaining and growing our membership. With the pandemic, many of the conversations and get-togethers where this may happen have been postponed. We realize we need to find other ways to deliver our message and uncover new homeowners, renters, or even landowners who could benefit from switching their coverage to us.

How you can help

There are two ways to help.

Refer someone

Please take a moment to think of someone you believe would benefit from membership. Someone who has been laid off or needs to move. Someone who is looking for new ways to save on essentials. Someone who could use a good financial opportunity right about now.

We would like to gain more members in areas that have been underserved, such as Roanoke, Harrisonburg, Staunton, and other western Virginia communities. You may know of someone who lives there now or is relocating there for a new job. Maybe you have heard of a college student in Charlottesville, Blacksburg, or Staunton that you know will have to move out of a dorm to an apartment because of COVID-19.

Does anyone come to mind? Invite them to complete our pre-qualifying form on our website or reach out to your Mutual advisor, and we’ll be glad to take it from there. We have dedicated agents all across the state who live in and know the needs of these communities who are eager to help start the process.

Review us

Online reviews on sites such as Facebook and Google play a significant role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. This year, we have made an effort to increase our visibility in search engines and on social media, so when someone looks for information on Mutual Assurance Society, there is plenty to be found.

With that said, we can always use more good reviews. Our current members’ opinions would be perceived with even greater trust than anything we as a business could put online. Here’s some data from Lexis Nexis that supports the importance of reviews:

  • 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • 74 percent of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more
  • 73 percent of consumers think that reviews older than three months are no longer relevant

If you have a moment and can share a review of Mutual Assurance on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, it can help the Society reach Virginians who need us.

Know that Mutual Assurance Society is as financially stable as ever. Our goal is to provide safety, savings, and service to Virginians who need some good financial breaks in this uncertain and volatile time.

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance. Together, we can help stabilize and improve our neighbors’ financial futures.