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August 13, 2020

Moving Patterns in Virginia

Each year, United Van Lines presents a study that looks at moving/relocation patterns in each state. Virginia has come in as the 14th highest state for outbound moves, with 52.9% of its migrating population choosing to leave The Commonwealth and 47.1% moving within state boundaries.

Why are people moving?

The primary reasons for moving are retirement, health, family, lifestyle, and employment. Here’s a breakdown:

Chart of reasons Virginians moved in 2019

Who is Moving?

An interesting twist to this report is that logically it might seem that because employment is the number one reason for moving to and from Virginia, that the age group moving the most would be in the younger age ranges. Combined, these ages make up the majority of migrations, but the single highest age range for moving is 65 or older.

Chart of age demographics for Virginians moving in 2019


While the largest single income group moving is at $150,000 or more, the majority of Virginians making a move make under that figure.

Chart of Income Range of Virginians Moving in 2019


Overall, Western and Southern states are seeing the highest inbound moves with South Carolina and Florida receiving the most inbound movers for the South, and Washington, Oregon and New Mexico key in the West. Idaho ranks number one for inbound movers at 67.4%. Retirement is the number one reason folks are heading to the Gem State.


Source: United Van Lines