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October 20, 2020

Mutual Assurance and The United Way

Every year, millions of employees get involved in workplace giving campaigns to support local United Way solutions that improve education, financial stability, and health. The staff at Mutual Assurance Society is a part of this annual giving program and has been for over 30 years.

With many of our staff working remotely part of the week and others scattered throughout our building, the United Way workplace campaign allows us to donate to causes that matter to each of us in a unifying way. The workforce campaign is about more than raising money for worthy causes; it also strengthens connections between our employees and the communities we serve. Mutual Assurance matches each gift to amplify the impact.

Mutual Assurance Society donates to United Way offices throughout The Commonwealth to help all Virginians. More than 70% of our corporate donations are given to The United Way to address the greatest needs of the communities we serve.

Traditionally, we offer all participating employees a chance to win “Lunch with Lewwy in a

Lewwy’s Limo. Maybe Next Year!

Limo.” Lewwy Marsh is our Vice President of Investments and leader of our United Way effort. Limo is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Lewwy’s Mazda, but the winners enjoy a  great lunch with equally good company. Our employees are eager to see which three employees win each year as it is a coveted prize and badge of honor.

This year, the Covid Year, we rewarded gift certificates to three employees whose names were drawn out of a hat. Winners will dine at either Stella’s, Lunch Supper, or En Su Boca in Richmond. Three other participants won an extra day of PTO.

The United Way has been a lifeline to many non-profits who would have had to shutter their doors this year without the support from the grants and other funding the United Way provides. Even with this assistance, some non-profits haven’t been able to survive, so we have recognized that it is more important than ever to give generously so that others will not suffer the same fate.

We are proud of our partnership with The United Ways in Virginia and encourage all of our members to join us in supporting this important and worthy organization.