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June 22, 2020

Prepare Your Home For Summer Thunderstorms

Meteorologists are calling for a higher than average storm season this summer. Here are some things you can do to prepare your home to help prevent expensive repair costs.

Tree Trimmer

Trim Your Trees

High winds, downdrafts, lightening, and soggy soil can fell even the most stable looking trees.

Check the trees around your home and remove any dead limbs. Check over-hanging limbs for weight and have them cut back if needed. If a tree is leaning over your house, you may want to consider taking it down.

For smaller trees, make sure no limbs are touching or near the roof and siding. Swaying branches can loosen roof tiles and scratch your home.

Install A Lightening Surge Protector

A surge protection power-strip will not protect your devices from the powerful power of a lightning strike.

On a basic level, a lightning protection system protects your home from lightening strikes, while surge protection devices (SPDs) protect electrical equipment and systems against surges.

A lightening surge protection device/system of rods, cables and divertors, will take 99% of a close lightening strike. The other 1% may be absorbed by the power strips you have inside your home.

The best step to avoid damage would be to unplug your devices when a storm hits.

Lightening strike in night sky
HVAC Mesh Cover

Install an HVAC Protective Cover

Hail can damage your HVAC unit and result in costly repairs or replacement. Windblown debris and branches can also leave their mark.

To protect your outdoor unit, place a protective cover over your unit that still allows for air flow. The cover shown can be found here.

Install Wind-Rated Garage Doors

Nearly 80 percent of monetary damage during hurricanes can be attributed to garage doors being blown out or in, according to Secure Source.

Impact damage is also a factor in hail and windstorms. There are two types of garage doors you can purchase, depending on your location and need. One is hurricane-proof which can withstand winds up to 130 mph. The other is an impact resistant door designed to withstand flying objects and hail damage.

There are also bracing kits you can install that reinforce your current doors if new doors are not an option. 

Garage Doors in cream on taupe brick building
Man's hand marking checklist

Do These Quick Checks When A Storm is Approaching

◻  Check gutters to make sure they are clear.
◻  Make sure fence gates are closed and secured.
◻  Secure outdoor furniture.
◻  Check sump pump for blockages and power.
◻  Make sure garage doors are closed.
◻  Make sure all windows are shut.
◻  Latch storm doors.
◻  Know where your back-up charges are.

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