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September 8, 2020

How To Help Your Children With Remote Learning During COVID-19

Many Virginia families are sailing through uncharted waters this school year as children are getting their education online. Parents are feeling the stress of balancing their work lives with new home responsibilities, so we are here to help. Follow these recommendations to help you navigate the new challenges you are facing.

Little girl in headphones watching teacher on laptop who is conducting remote class

Plan Each Day

You may think you can set a schedule for each week and stick to it, but as the saying goes, “God laughs at men’s plans.” Each evening, agree with your children when they will be getting up the next morning, and let them know you will be planning out the day’s schedule with them over breakfast.

Each morning, go through what your children need to accomplish that day and make sure to include something fun they can fit into the schedule. Stability and structure will help them stay focused and on track.

Limit Distractions

Make sure smartphones and any games are off-limits during the school portion of the day. Using them can be a reward for completing schoolwork and something they can look forward to.

Have your children work at a desk or table, and not from a cushy chair or bed. It may not be as comfortable or relaxing, but it will help them feel more like they are in a sort of classroom. Also, make sure the background or room in which your student is being photographed is not distracting for the teacher or other students. Walls of stuffed animals or kitchens where any activity is going on in the background are not ideal.

If you have good headphones with a microphone, letting your children use them will help filter out distracting noises like dogs barking, phones ringing, or conversations.

Set Up Virtual Play Dates

Let your children interact with their friends through video calls. Granted, this may be more “screen time” than they are used to, but maintaining connections with their peers is especially important now.

Touch Base Throughout The Day

You may be working from home yourself, but it is important to check on your children throughout the day to make sure they are, well, awake for one, and accomplishing the daily goals you discussed over breakfast. Children are still learning how to deal with online learning and staying focused. Take the time to stop what you are doing and find out if they have any issues or challenges with which you can help.

Set Up Your Own Virtual Play Dates

Connect with other parents who are dealing with the same challenges that you are. You’ll find support, empathy, and perhaps new ways of addressing issues that will help smooth stormy seas. Center yourself so you can make the best of a tough situation so you and your children can thrive.