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January 2, 2020

2020 Resolution #3 – When it comes to money matters, use 2020 in full

For many of us, writing a new year on our checks and documents doesn’t really register for a few weeks, even months. 2019 will be in our heads a bit longer.

Here’s a possible scenario you could face in 2020, however, if you don’t follow expert advice that says it is important to write out the full year when signing any financial or legally binding agreements in 2020.

Let’s say you hire a yard service to take care of your lawn in 2020 with an agreement to pay $100 each month. You have signed the agreement and write 1/10/20 as the effective date. It is a quick transaction you and the service manager complete at your front door, and you hand over a check for the first month. Weeks later, you get a summons to appear in small claims court for not having paid for 2019 service to this same company. Unbeknownst to you, the unscrupulous manager has backdated your contract to read 1/10/2019 and is now demanding payment for the entire year prior.

You can prevent this sort of distress by simply writing the entire year of 2020 on all of your checks, contracts, agreements, and applications this year.

This is a simple step you can take to protect yourself from back-dated fraudulent actions, identity theft risks, and unwarranted billing demands.