Virginia Homeowners Insurance

Whether you live in Norfolk, Richmond, Charlottesville, or the mountains of Roanoke, Virginia is a great place to live. We know you want to protect your beautiful home with the best homeowners insurance at the best possible price. At Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia, we offer dependable Virginia homeowners insurance for all members at an unheard-of savings after your first year of membership.

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What Makes Mutual Assurance So Special?

Mutual Assurance Society offers its Virginia homeowner members a Perpetual Policy unlike any other home insurance provider in the Commonwealth.

A perpetual policy never expires. As long as membership conditions are satisfied, the policy remains in effect subject only to the eligibility requirements of the Society and the policy’s cancellation provisions. Other insurance policies expire after a set term, usually one year, and are renewed for an additional premium.

How does it work?

Members of Mutual Assurance Society are charged a one-time premium for the life of the policy at the time of purchase.  Additional premiums are charged only if a new coverage is added to the policy, such as Equipment Breakdown or Service Line Coverage. Since the premium covers the life of the policy, it is often a little more than what you would pay for an annual homeowner insurance policy that expires annually.  Members are then only charged the annual assessment – a percentage of the policy premium – which covers the ongoing costs of the Society.  These assessments are much less than what you would pay for other homeowner insurance policies.

For example, with a 20% assessment, a homeowner paying a policy premium of $1000 in the first year would pay only an annual assessment of $200 the following year for the same coverage.  With other insurance companies, you would continue to pay the $1000 premium to renew your policy.

Virginia Homeowners Coverages

What We Cover

Homeowners insurance can protect your home against theft, fire, lawsuits, weather damage, leaks, service line issues, and other covered losses.

Replacing Your Personal Property

Repair or replace your personal belongings regardless of age or condition.

Unprecedented Savings

We offer annual savings to Virginia Homeowners after the first year premium has been paid that will have you saying, “How did I not know about this before?”

Does your home qualify?

Not every home in Virginia qualifies for our insurance. Location, home condition, municipal water sources, fire station and hydrant proximity, and much more are considered before membership can be offered. We do this to make sure each member’s risk is equal and mutually beneficial.

We invite you to complete our pre-qualification form to see if your home meets our membership requirements. A member of our team will then reach out to start a conversation.

We look forward to meeting you and thank you for considering Mutual Assurance as your Virginia Homeowners Insurance provider.